What’s the best electronic Cube?

André Tietz
6 min readNov 7, 2019

This article is a comparison of the currently available 3x3 Rubic cubes, that are able to submit their current state to a mobile app.

Hey I am André. I am a Software Engineer focussing on mobile platforms. One year ago I started cubing, because I was interested on how that puzzle can be solved. While in the end the solution was pretty simple, I’ve noticed that there’s a HUGE community and even big events about it.

Because it felt weird that in the year 2018 people starting and stoping their cube counter still manually, I have been searching for an electronic version of the cube. I found the Giiker i3 and ordered it immediately. The app called “Supercube” is… not ideal from an Android Developers View. I wanted to develop my own “Cube Application”, that just starts and stops the time without a heavy Game Engine that sucks my battery empty.

I figured, that there are more cubes coming, so I thought about an abstraction for those and future cubes that are not existing yet. This is why I bought all of them and I could directly compare them.

GoCube, GAN 356i, Giiker i3

Look and Feel

The GAN 356i is by far the best in that category. It looks and feels exactly like the other Cubes from GAN, very professional, also there’s no weight difference feel-able.